To Kyra Hetherington

It was wonderful meeting, and talking with you, prior to the start of Wednesday night's Summer Session's performance by The Russell deCarle Trio. Thank you for giving me the overview of this Canadian music series. I really like the night's performance, and I'm now looking forward to others in this series throughout the summer.

I just read your bio, and others of your on-air team. Yours and most of the others, are really folksy, and I now feel like I know you all somewhat, and not just an on-air voice, or website face. As I write this note, I'm listening to your program, and The One 88.1 FM, for the first time, and it will now be my station of choice, for country radio. I now feel more tuned in to my Spruce Grove Community, hearing news, weather, sports, ads, and events for the area. I like your on-air radio voice, personality, and song selection.

It was wonderful to hear the snippets of your career. Good luck in your future career advancement. You're goin' places, girl!

Take care,

George Meering

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