Trevor Stoyko



"Insightful", "Intriguing,""Opinionated,"" Humorous,""Engaging," plus many other multi-syllable words this broadcaster some call, "Trev" has no idea the meaning or the spelling!

The man they call Trev has been called many things... Donald Trump has called him, "Fake Uke" (Which is wrong because I am a proud Ukrainian Canadian)

Justin Trudeau once called him "Tracy"; Kim Kardashian keeps calling him but he refuses to answer. (No really it is true!)

Call him what you want, We guarantee you a good time.

Trev, with his superior constitution and  indomitable fortitude, ( I have no idea what that means, I got that from a soup label and thought it sounded cool!) So excited to share apart of your day in the Parkland County every Monday through Friday on 88.1 the One!

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