Kat Jensen


Hey, my name's Kat Jensen, formerly known as Kat The Intern, and I'm a recent graduate of the Radio & Television program at NAIT. I was lucky enough to be hired at The One after my internship and I'm excited to join you on Saturdays and for a little while on middays here in Parkland. I'm originally from Alberta Beach, so it's awesome to be a part of this community again! 


I'm very fond of a lot of things, but mostly music, cats and writing. I'm probably the biggest nerd when it comes to music... I know a lot of weird facts about artists and songs, so I guess radio is the perfect for me! 


Check out my Instagram @katt_7 or follow me on Twitter @katerinajensen7 for a little bit of insight to who I am as a person**.



**FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm pretty sure I think I'm a lot funnier than I actually am, but you can be the judge of that.

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