Anika Haarsma

Overnights and One Weekends with Anika Haarsma

Hi! I’m Anika Haarsma. I’m happy to be part of the team at the One because I like to have fun! I’ve done a lot of different jobs over the years (cow milking, tree planter, reporter, farm hand, etc) and I’ve found as long as you can have fun with them – it’s worth it!

I currently live with my husband out in the country, where we farm. You’ll typically find us at the outdoor rink or out in the fields, all around the area. I’m passionate about farming, faith and family. The simple life is a great life for me!

I’m excited to part of the on-air world with radio, I hope you enjoy listening!



Hear Anika week days on the Night Shift Music Mix from Midnight - 5am and Saturday afternoon Noon-4pm.

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