Searle Turton: United Conservative Party

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain candidate discusses campaign

The United Conservative Party says the previous NDP failed when it came to the economy.
Spruce Grove-Stony Plain candidate Searle Turton says a UCP government would cut taxes for businesses and help put people back in full time jobs.
He says despite some of the controversies that have plagued the party leader, he has full confidence in Jason Kenney.

He says allegations in the kamikaze leadership scandal featuring candidate Jeff Callaway point to those working around Kenney, and not the leader himself.

Turton aslo says the carbon tax would also be repealed, and that Alberta would join four other provinces that are arguing against the federal government's right to impose one.

He says the previous government talked about putting one in to get pipelines approved thanks to a renewed social license.

Cutting spending was also a topic of conversation, as Turton says it's clear to him that more needs to be done, as the NDP government has said it would need until 2023 to balance the budget.

Turton says his time on Spruce Grove city council has given him valuable experience.

Click here to watch or listen to the full interview with Turton, as well as Alberta Independence Party candidate Jody Crocker, and Alberta Party candidate Ivan Boles.

NDP candidate Erin Babcock was unable to be in studio.

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