Provincial election coming April 16th

Find out your candidates in Spruce Grove-Stony Plain here.

Earlier today, NDP leader Rachel Notley called the provincial election to be held on April 16.

Four candidates will officially be running for MLA in Spruce Grove – Stony Plain this spring. The NDP, United Conservative Party, Alberta Party, and Alberta Independence Party will all be represented in the constituency. 

Spruce Grove and Stony Plain will be joining to create one constituency, as Spruce Grove was previously partnered with St. Albert.


NDP candidate Erin Babcock:

Incumbent-MLA Erin Babcock will be returning to the race for the NDP. She has served as Stony Plain’s provincial representative since being elected in 2015. Babcock has experience as a nurse in the community.

UCP candidate Searle Turton:

Searle Turton will campaign for the UCP after being approved to take an unpaid leave from Spruce Grove city council. Turton is in his third term on council and had previously worked in oil and gas.

Alberta Party candidate Ivan G. Boles:

The Alberta Party will be represented by Ivan G. Boles. Boles is new to politics, but has been active in his local Constituency Association and attends provincial political meetings on a regular basis. He has a background in the energy and agriculture industries. 

Alberta Independence Party candidate Jody Crocker:

The Alberta Independence Party will be represented in Spruce Grove- Stony Plain by Jody Crocker. Crocker has worked in welding before getting involved in politics. 


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