Poll: Alberta to elect UCP majority

Phone survey pegs UCP popularity at 55%

A new poll says more than half of voters in Alberta are planning to support the United Conservative Party in next week's election.
Results were released over the weekend by Forum Research, which randomly surveyed 1132 voters.
55% said they would support the UCP, with 32% in favour of the NDP, and 7% going for the Alberta Party.
The Liberals had only 1%, compared to 2% support for the Green Party, and 2% for all other parties combined.
The poll projected that the UCP will form a majority government with 67 seats, followed by the NDP at 18, and the Liberals and Alberta Party with 1 each.

The poll also focused on last week's leader's debate, which 44% of people said they watched.
Of those, 41% believed UCP Leader Jason Kenney had the best performance.
Rachel Notley was supported by just less than a quarter, while a sixth of those surveyed believed none of the leaders came out as the winner.

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