Ivan Boles: Alberta Party

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain candidate discusses campaign

The carbon tax should become a thing of the past.

That's according to Spruce Grove-Stony Plain Alberta Party candidate Ivan Boles, who says it needs to be scrapped.

He also says the Party is committing to balance the province's budget if it is elected as government - but won't say when that could happen.

Boles says there are key details the party won't know until its elected.

He also spoke about the the local coal industry, which is currently on track to be shut down by 2030.

He says he'd like to see that change.

Click here to watch or listen to the full interview with Boles, as well as Alberta Independence Party candidate Jody Crocker, and United Conservative Party candidate Searle Turton.

NDP candidate Erin Babcock was unable to be in studio.

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