Freedom Conservative Party candidate drops out of local race

Jerry W. Semen will no longer be running in Spruce Grove-Stony Plain.

The provincial ballot will have one fewer candidate come April 16

After announcing that he would represent the Freedom Conservative Party in the spring election, Jerry W. Semen has decided to not run in Spruce Grove-Stony Plain.

“There was a lot of heavy contemplation over even running… When it came to the decision of to actually go [run] or not, we had our family meeting, and at this point in time it’s probably not in our best interest to carry on with it,” he said.

He says there is a potential for him to run in 2023, or even get involved in municipal politics, but he says he’s unsure what his future holds.

“Whether it’s for me or someone else we need to support in our community, it’s tough to look into the crystal ball and see what the future looks like; you just have to keep moving towards it,” he said.

Semen formerly bid for the United Conservative Party nomination last December, but lost to Searle Turton. He says conflicting ideas with the UCP caused him to switch parties.



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