Erin Babcock earns Spruce Grove-Stony Plain NDP nomination

Erin Babcock speaks at her nomination celebration on January 10, 2019

Babcock looks to represent the region for a second term.

Stony Plain's incumbent MLA, Erin Babcock will be on the ballot in the upcoming provincial election after securing nomination last night.

At an NDP meeting on Thursday, Babcock was acclaimed as the party's nominee in the new constituency of Spruce Grove-Stony Plain.

Babcock was first elected in 2015, as a part of the “orange crush” that saw the NDP go from a caucus of 4 MLAs up to a majority government of 54.

 After her nearly four years of representing Stony Plain in the Legislature, she says she’s excited for another potential term.

“It [her time as MLA] was fantastic. I love what I’m doing. I feel so honoured and humbled that the people of Stony Plain had elected me the first time and I just hope I can live up to those expectations again,” said Babcock.

She believes the NDP's were able to make a significant impact in the area during her time as MLA.

“[Highways] 779 and 628 were on the books for 17 years and they had become a political pawn. I had innumerable meetings with the Minister of Transportation and we sat down and figured it out. It went on the three-year plan and I will say, at this point, there is not a single project on that plan that we did not do,” said Babcock.

Despite the polls currently predicting the United Conservative Party as the next government, Babcock says there’s no sense stressing over it.

“We’re in a better place poll-wise than we were last time at this point in the game. We can’t worry what the pollsters are saying, we can’t worry about what the UCP is saying. All I can worry about is the work I’ve done, the work I have ahead of me, and putting my best foot forward,” said Babcock.  

She will be running against UCP-nominee Searle Turton, who won that party's nomination in December, along with Ivan Boles of the Alberta Party.

The 2019 provincial election must happen on or before May 31.

Photo Source: Spruce Grove-Stony Plain NDP

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