Tobin Memorial Tournament a success

More than $6,000 raised for goalie's memorial fund

The Parker Tobin Memorial SloPitch Tournament is being hailed as a success.

Organizers say roughly $6,000 dollars was raised for the former goaltender's memorial fund, which was established in his honour after he lost his life in the Humboldt Broncos bush crash.

Co-organizer Brandon Ewanchyshyn says the support was overwhelming.

"We didn't really launch this thing full-scale until late April, even early May. And we had to turn teams away, which really surprised me. I thought we would be struggling to get 20 teams by July 10. We had 20 teams by June 1 - we were ready to go, we had to turn some away. I think without a doubt we'll be able to run this tournament next year and the year after - hopefully many years to come, just because of how much support we've gotten this year."

He says Tobin's parents are making plans for the best ways to use it.

"Ed and Rhonda, who obviously have control of the fund, are going to sponsor a goalie - whether that's buying him new gear, or providing him entry into a goalie camp, or both," he said.

"Next off-season I know that they are strongly looking into doing a Parker Tobin goalie school for a bunch of young goalies, that would be fully sponsored, sometime in late July."

Ewanchyshyn says the support exceeded expectations, and that the plan is to make this an annual event.

"We're just doing the final calculations right now. We're somewhere in the ballpark of over $6000 for the Parker Tobin Memorial Fund. Definitely a good chunk of change for the first year running the tournament."

The tournament at Stony Plain's Meridian Sports Park featured 20 teams of 10 over the three days, with only Saturday's home run derby getting rained out.

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