Volunteers sought for council compensation committee

Remuneration task force taking on volunteers in Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove council is looking for volunteer members of the community who can help set salaries and benefits for the next council term.

The Council Remuneration Task Force will mostly discuss council's compensation, including wages, benefits, and honorariums for the next term, which starts in 2021.

However it'll also examine whether changes should be made for current council, relating to the federally mandated changes to municipally elected officials� taxable income.

Up until now, a portion of mayor and councillor salaries were tax free. That's now being taken off the table.

Eligible task force members are adults who live in Spruce Grove, carry a Canadian citizenship, and have lived in Alberta for at least six months.

The application forms are available on the city's website, and can be submitted online as well, with a deadline of December 14.

It includes a questionnaire, as well as an opportunity to write about why you'd be qualified to be a part of the task force, which will take on 3-5 members.


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