Volunteerism shifting in Stony Plain

This comes through a new report compiled by the Mayor’s Task Force.

The state of volunteerism is changing in Stony Plain.

This is according to Kelly Falardeau, who is part of the Mayor’s Task Force. 

She says the biggest takeaway is that while volunteerism appears to be decreasing, the way people become involved is actually just changing.

Falardeau says they found that seniors are continuing to volunteer with service clubs such as the Rotary Club or Kinsmen. Middle-aged people were found to have become more involved in volunteering with their own children and causes that directly affected them. She says the Millennial-generation are more focused on crowdfunding campaigns and promoting causes through social media than joining a physical group.

The group operated from last September until this month, and studied the trends in how, why, and when people were volunteering in Stony Plain. 

“Sometimes we have all these events and think we’re doing well, and maybe we are or maybe we aren’t… If we want to bring our community together, we need to gauge those things. We want to have a solid community that loves living in Stony Plain,” she said.

The task force offered-up three recommendations on how to improve community engagement. The first is creating a Neighbor Day in 2019, the second is introducing an ambassador program to promote the Town’s volunteer opportunities, and the third was to establish further awareness of the local Family & Community Support Services.

The group was made-up of Mayor Choy, Councilors Bennet and Meyer, Town Manager Goulden, and seven community representatives.



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