Two local Chinese restaurants featured in Avenue Magazine article

Kristie Li in House of Goodys in Devon

Bing’s in Spruce Grove and House of Goodys in Devon were mentioned in the article commending Chinese-Canadian cuisine’s resilience in the prairies.

An Avenue Magazine article focusing on Chinese-Canadian cuisine in the prairies makes mention of two local restaurants.

The story explores the history of these types of restaurants and argues that their food should be recognized as truly Canadian cuisine. It mentioned House of Goodys in Devon and Bing’s in Spruce Grove as prime examples of the connection Chinese restaurants have to smaller communities.

Bing’s is used to represent the history of the family owned and operated business for Chinese immigrants in the prairies. The restaurant was started in Stony Plain in 1970 and the two current locations remain run by the Choy family.

 In a completely different story, House of Goodys is owned by two new Canadians. Kristie Li started the Devon restaurant with her husband in 2010. She says their story is very different from the traditional Chinese restaurant you often see in rural communities.  

“For older generations, they always notice that Chinese restaurants in small towns are owned by families and they grew up in the restaurant. For my husband and me, what we did in China is totally the opposite [of what we do in Canada], so it’s really fun for us,” she said.

She says she worked as an elementary school teacher, and her husband as an engineer before coming to Devon. 

Li says she has seen first-hand the important role Chinese-Canadian cuisine has played in rural communities.

“While this isn’t authentic Chinese cuisine, this kind of Western Canadian-style Chinese food is very old. The people grew up with this kind of Chinese cuisine and it still lasts today. Especially for the smaller towns, it’s kind’ve part of the community culture,” she said.

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Photo Source: Avenue Magazine Edmonton


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