Tri Leisure Centre introduces program to combat locker theft

The Bait Locker Program will bait, track, and charge thieves.

The Tri-Leisure Centre is getting creative with reducing theft at its facility.

The campaign will focus on public education on theft prevention strategies at the facility, as well as introduce the Bait Locker Program.

The TLC’s General Manager, Lenny Richer [REE-SHAY] says various lockers throughout the facility will be randomly baited, and if someone breaks into it, they will be tracked and charged by RCMP.

He says this is part of a larger effort to increase safety at the centre.

“This, along with the addition of our security guard staff being moved from five days a week to seven, [and] additional cameras throughout the facility are steps we’re trying to take to keep this facility safe and when necessary, have the ability to have the evidence that the RCMP may need,” he said.

He says this comes in response to frustration over theft at the TLC.

“We wish we weren’t in a position where we need to have programs like this, but at the same time, we want to make sure that our visitors and members are feeling safe. We feel it is a safe facility overall, we’re just trying to ensure we take the proper steps to continue to have it be that way,” he said.

He says this is a cost-effective way to combat this issue.

“The education and social media doesn’t have a lot of costs. For some of the items, sure there will be a cost, but because they are being tracked they will be returned once the thieves were caught. The RCMP and our staff time is in-kind. The program runs at very little costs,” he said.

 The TLC suggests to use wallet lockers in hallways for your car keys and wallet, and to always use a coin locker or cut proof lock in the change room.

Statistics show that the majority of thefts at the facility are from unlocked lockers, and the least common is coin lockers being pried open.

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