Town of Stony Plain Expects Growth in 2018

Despite experiencing less growth in 2017 than the year before, the town remains optimistic.

The Town of Stony Plain has released their permit statistics for 2017.

In the past year they experienced less growth than in 2016, but due to the larger amount of development permits issued towards the end of the year, they expect increased growth this year.

Looking back on 2017, 55 residential permits were issued with an estimated construction cost of $18,336,464. Forty-nine of these permits were used for construction of new low-density single-detached homes, and the other six were used for semi-detached homes. Two commercial permits were issued totaling $4,300,000 in construction costs while five industrial permits were issued which totaled $2,695,000 in construction costs.

Most of the residential permits for 2017 came near the end of the year as 17 permits were issued in the last quarter of the year.

Comparatively to 2016, residential permits were down 44% and commercial permits were down 66% while industrial saw a 66% increase.

Mayor of Stony Plain William Choy remains optimistic as he notes, "Thought the beginning of the year was slow in terms of growth, new construction began to  pick up towards the end of 2017. Based on those numbers we can anticipate growth will continue to increase in the coming year".



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