Town of Devon exploring the future of energy

On March 25 and 26, the community will be hosting the Energy Futures Roadshow workshops.

The Town of Devon is taking a proactive approach to the future of energy through a collaboration with the Energy Futures Lab.

Workshops will be held on March 25 and 26 to inform the town and its residents on the changing world of energy sources.

“This initiative will look at energy use, potential inefficiencies, ways to correct these inefficiencies, and look at different energy sources that are making advancements right now that can be utilized moving forward," said the town’s Environment & Sustainability Coordinator, Andy Tchir. "It’ll be a great opportunity to learn a variety of different things that could potentially help our community now and in the future."

Tchir says it is important for Devon to be proactive.  

“We’re always looking towards the future. The more information we can gather and the more feedback we can get from residents, businesses, and these types of professionals [members of Energy Futures Lab], the better prepared we are for what the future could hold,” he said.

The first workshop will see participants involved in a role-playing scenario to experience and explore the history of energy transition. Day two will feature sessions on the economic diversification, technology, and cultural readiness associated with these transitions.

The Energy Futures Roadshow is scheduled for 9:00-4:30 at the Devon Community Centre for both the Monday and Tuesday sessions.

Registration ends on March 21. You can sign-up here. 



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