Three adults arrested after drugs found during search warrant in Edmonton

On March 18th three adults were arrested for trafficking Methamphetamine.

On March 18th 2020 St. Albert Drug Unit, with help from CRU, and GIS conducted a search warrant on an Edmonton property. The search warrant was conducted in relation to an ongoing investigation on the trafficking of Methamphetamine in the St. Albert and surrounding area. The warrant resulted with the following items being seized: 

·Approximately 45 grams of methamphetamine

·75 capsules of gabapentin

·Packaging material and several scales

·A 30-30 caliber lever-action rifle and ammunition

·12 gauge shotgun ammunition

·Numerous weapons including but not limited to butterfly knives, brass knuckles and throwing stars.

A 2012 Ford F150 was also taken as offence-related property. 44-year-old Robert Mendoza along with 29-year-old Alysha Hollar: 

·Trafficking Methamphetamine (x3)

·Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (x2)

·Possession of Proceeds of Crime (x3)

·Possession of a Firearm Without a Licence

·Possession of Prohibited Weapon (x4)

·Unsafe Storage of a Firearm/Ammunition (x2)

In addition 41-year-old Colin Radke was charged with three counts of Trafficking Meth. 

Mendoza and Hollar are scheduled to attend St. Albert Provincial Curt on July 20, 2020, while Radke will attend on July 13, 2020.

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