The Conservative Candidate Wants to Stand Tall in Ottawa

Dane Lloyd is the Conservative candidate in the upcoming by-election for Sturgeon River-Parkland

Dane Lloyd is one of the four new candidates chasing the vacant MP seat left by Rona Ambrose in Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Lloyd has something initially that already sets him apart from the other candidates, his age as he is the youngest candidate in the riding. But age does not equate to lack of wisdom with Lloyd as he has been actively involved in politics for quite some time. Coming from doorknocking for former MP John Williams, working alongside Michael Cooper and assisting Ed Fast it becomes clear Lloyd has a passion for politics. 

He also has ties to this riding as he grew up on a family farm within the Parkland area making him relate to the problems in the riding. He also states having served as an Infantry Officer he has gained leadership qualities, it is these elements that make Lloyd believe he would be the strongest candidate to choose in the upcoming by-election.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Lloyd talks to the negotiations of various trade agreements in Canada, saying he has gained experience working with stakeholders in the softwood lumber industry as well as working for the Minister of International Trade. He states, "I know what it takes to get Canada's goods to market and I know that we need a government that will stand up and help our businesses get a leg up".

Speaking specifically to the NAFTA renegotiations, Lloyd expresses that all parties must work together and go forward with the best interest of "Team Canada. He adds, "we need to preserve our supply management system because it is a system that works, and if there is going to be reform, we can;t allow that reform to come from outrageous demands from the United States government".

Addressing the energy sector, Lloyd stand in strong opposition to the carbon tax, as he has heard from residents far and away that this is their major concern. Lloyd notes, "It's taking money our of families pockets, it's lowering our chances to attract business and it's not doing anything to handle carbon emissions".

Continuing with energy, Lloyd addresses bringing pipelines to tidewater and how he feels it is crucial in pushing the economy forward. "Where are the pipelines that they promised to build" Lloyd continues, "We had Energy East cancelled two weeks ago because the government keeps moving the goalpost on regulations, last year Justin Trudeau rejected the Northern Gateway Pipeline, these are pipelines that would have carried Alberta's energy to tidewater".

Lloyd also goes on to add, the Conservatives need to keep up the pressure against the Liberals in terms of the small business tax to ensure family farms aren't impacted.

Adding to the legalization of marijuana, Lloyd understands the thought process, but feels it is not going to be as beneficial as everyone believes. He notes in speaking with high ranking police officers he has heard, "they're telling me that the costs, the frontline cost to monitor and prosecute people for impaired driving offences is far going to outweigh any tax revenue that this government anticipates receiving from the legalization of cannabis".

Addressing the phaseout of coal and the impacts it will have specifically in this riding, Lloyd feels as though the phaseout is unnecessary as he looks to places like the U.S. and China saying they are continually investing in coal. He believes there is a solution on both sides and doesn't see why coal can't continue to operate while government explores other clean options as well.

In closing, Lloyd takes a strong stance against Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and says he can be a strong voice in Ottawa, "We need a Conservative in this riding of Sturgeon River-Parkland to go to Ottawa and hold Justin Trudeau accountable for his failure to stand up for Alberta".

Lloyd joins Liberal Brian Gold, NDP Shawna Gawreluck and CHP Ernest Chauvet.

To hear the full unedited interview with Conservative Candidate Dane Lloyd, click the player below.


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