Temporary restrictions have teenagers in Parkland County wondering if their activities will ever go on

Courtesy: The Canadian Press.

While restrictions may be lifted next week, minor hockey player Jalena Slootweg believes it could be extended causing more harm than good.

The two-week pause that was introduced by the provincial government for certain sports and group activities last week continues to have an impact not only for adults but teenagers here in the Tri Region.   

16-year-old Jalena Slootweg plays hockey with the Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association and was looking forward to her first real game with her teammates since March. But after the UCPs announced the pause on local sports other than top-tiered athletics or university sports late last week, she and her linemates were back to the drawing board.  

"We’ve had practices and a lot of us are doing our own workouts from home," she says. “We had three scheduled for last weekend and one scheduled for this weekend, so it’s been tough trying to get back."   

According to a new report, 75% of COVID-19 cases here in Alberta have an unknown origin. Some believe the main cause of the restrictions put in place is because indoor activities like group fitness and team sports have a high risk of spread due to the exertion of participants as well as mixing and mingling before or after.   

There is hope that it could be lifted. Active cases took a dip mid-week for the first time in weeks and all local activities in the Tri-Region have followed strict protocols that were put in place months ago.  

But even if the pause only lasts for one more week, Slootweg figures it won’t be lifted anytime soon.  

"It’s only a pause and not a full lockdown which I 100% support, but I think it will be extended unfortunately if numbers go up." 

Alberta's chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw will provide an update on any new restrictions, including reaction on British Columbia's new health measures later this afternoon.   

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