Study shoots down local organic waste facility

Potential cost of project main barrier

A new report is discouraging local Tri-Region governments from trying to build a processing facility for organic waste.

Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County councils requested the report two years ago, to take a look at the feasibility of building a shared facility.

But the study concludes the cost of the project, along with limited potential for grants, and poor market conditions would make the venture financially risky.

The cost and availability of property was also listed as a concern.

The report says that shipping organic waste to Edmonton's facility also wouldn't be an available option.

An alternative option for reducing the region's greenhouse gas emissions would be the possibility of a private waste to energy facility in the future.

That's the process used when garbage is burned up to generate electricity.

Stony Plain council agreed not to pursue the facility further.

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