Stony Plain's newest mural unveils tomorrow

"Riders" gets its new home in the CN Rail Tunnel.

A mural unveiling that was shelved in 2017 will finally take place tomorrow afternoon in Stony Plain.

The piece entitled “Riders” was created by artist Daphne Cote, and will be displayed in the CN Rail Tunnel. 

The mural depicts riders at the local skateboard park and BMX track, with the aim to create a better understanding between older residents and the youth that are traditionally associated with the sports.

Cote says it was a group effort between her and kids at the Stony Plain Youth Centre.

“I was given new colours and things to think about that I had to integrate into the composition. I really wanted to be respectful of all of the marks and decisions the children were making in their creative process," she said. "For me, it was a whole new learning experience – I don’t think I would’ve gotten that if I was just doing it on my own,” said Cote. 

She says she’s happy to be a part of the Town’s first-ever non-historical mural to be commissioned. 

“It’s really exciting because eventually, it will turn into a historical painting, but it just documents what has been happening now,” she said.

“Riders” gets its unveiling Thursday afternoon at 4:30 after further construction on the Pedestrian CN Rail tunnel caused delays.

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