Stony Plain wrapped up budget meeting

The meetings went from November 5th to the 7th

Stony Plain Councillors spent the last 3 days in chambers discussing their corporate plan.

The Fiscal Plan described the tax increases for future years, in 2019 the proposed tax plan was 2.99%.. Factors that went into the proposal was the increase in Veterans Boulevard debenture repayment and maintaining current operations.

Council as a whole decided whoever to increase that number a little more to ease the pressure in the coming years.


One of the most talked about items in the plan was surrounding the Community Recreation Center Construction Plan

In 2018 Council will engage with the public about the adoption of a prefered design for a community recreation centre.

Choy says council will consult with many groups involved in the project before moving forward in 2020-2021

The construction period would take 18 months costing the town 57 million dollars.


Though Council approved many projects, they did differ on one specific item in their corporate plan.

That item being the Downtown Community Center Renovation carrying a price tag of 2.5 million dollars.

The project would bring the downtown community center to the current building code with the update of mechanical and electrical systems with other improvments.

Choy says council would like more public feedback before moving forward with the item.


Council will continue to discuss this item in future council meetings.


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