Stony Plain to celebrate Public Works staff next week

National Public Works Week runs May 20-26.

Stony Plain will celebrate National Public Works Week for the first time ever next week.

Workers across the country are recognized for their contribution to their communities during this week.

Manager of Operations, Greg Zirk, explained the importance of their role in Stony Plain at Monday’s council meeting.

“[Without Public Works], if you turned on your tap, you’d have no water. If it started raining, your neighborhood would begin to flood. If the fire department went to fight a fire, the hydrants wouldn’t work. There would be no garbage collected, no trails to walk on, no parks or skating rinks. Roads would not be maintained,” he said.

He says in just 2018, they removed 24 thousand tonnes of snow, applied 900 tonnes of sand and salt to the roads, and collected about 2000 tonnes of garbage, just to name a few stats.

Councilor Judy Bennett commends this staff’s work.

“They don’t toot their own horn nearly as much as they should… I’ve learned this phrase [from them]: ‘it’s the Stony Plain way’. That’s what keeps out small town feel. It’s that kind of attitude that makes people realize that we still are a small town; when we have service and dedicated servants, who work so hard for all of our residents,” she said.

The Alberta Public Works Association’s (APWA) theme for the 2019 National Public Works Week is, “It Starts Here.”

Public Works currently has 24 full-time and 28 seasonal workers on staff.

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