Stony Plain Takes First Step Towards New Library

The Town of Stony Plain has reached an agreement with a development company to construct a new library in the downtown core.

Some would say it is a long time coming, but Town Council in Stony Plain has finally taken the initial step toward developing a public library in the downtown area.

Due to the current library running out of space, Council has had plans for constructing a new library for quite some time, and they have officially come to an agreement with a development company to begin the process.

The proposed construction is set to be 14,000 square feet with residential units situated above. Town Manager Tom Goulden believes this development will have a incredibly positive impact on the community. The library is expected to be located on Main Street in the town.

The agreement and project will form as part of the 2018-202 Corporate Plan and will be reviewed by the incoming Council. They will take it in as part of their Corporate Planning Process beginning in November.

Goulden also expresses that he is excited to work with the Library Board and see how many needs he can meet going forward. He also explains despite the first step being taken there is still lots of work to do.


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