Stony Plain supports potential unification of local Chamber of Commerce's

On April 10, chamber members will vote to decide whether the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain groups will merge.

With a vote coming on April 10 to decide whether the local Chamber of Commerce’s will merge, Stony Plain council is advocating for the cause.

On Monday, council approved a letter of support to be written regarding the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain chambers looking to unify.

Mayor William Choy says this would allow the groups to have a singular, more focused voice. He says chamber members approving the decision would give the group further credibility throughout Alberta.

“I think this [unification] would make us the third-largest chamber in all of Alberta, next to Calgary and Edmonton. This will allow us to have a lot of weight at the table,” he said.

Council says this idea has been in discussion for around four years, partly because it’s not clear-cut whether it’s advantageous to all parties.

“[A disadvantage] I could see is that because there’s [currently] two chambers and businesses have memberships with both Stony Plain and Spruce Grove, if they became unified, they’d lose some of that revenue,” he said.

However, he says he’s not worried about this potential issue.

“We should be able to build-up that revenue by attracting more businesses to join the chamber because now we have a larger chamber to advocate for the needs of the communities,” he said.

Each chamber currently has around 500 members.

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