Stony Plain supports group advocating for resource industry

Council to provide a letter of support to the RCCC.

On Monday, Stony Plain council approved a letter of support for a national group advocating for the resource industry.

The move sees the town joining municipalities and groups across Canada vying for the official formation of the Resource Communities of Canada Coalition (RCCC). While the group has yet to formally establish itself, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) as well as its Saskatchewan and Manitoba equivalents have promoted the formation of the organization.

Mayor William Choy says it is important for council to voice the concerns of the town through supporting the RCCC.

“We are dependent on the resource sector. A lot of our individuals work out in the coal mines [and other industries]. If we can join like-minded communities to see better options that we can make happen [then] we’re not so dependent [on the resource sector] and losing a lot of income,” he said.

He says he hopes Stony Plain can play a significant role in discussions.

“Hopefully we’ll be at the table to voice our concerns and how that has affected our community. [We hope to] look at ways to better utilize those resources, so we don’t have the fluxes when the economy goes up and down in terms of oil and gas, coal, and everything else,” he said.

The RCCC already has three initial plans. The first would see the group heading to Quebec in May for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting to call on the Federal government to further develop nation-building, resource development infrastructure projects. The next step is to testify against Bill C-69 at Senate Committee hearings in Fort McMurray and Calgary. Step three involves formally establishing the organization. 


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