Stony Plain Mayor William Choy Looks Ahead to New Year

2017 was a hectic year in the Town of Stony Plain, and now Mayor William Choy is looking ahead to 2018.

Busy doesn't begin to describe the state the Town of Stony Plain has been in this year.

Despite election season, Mayor William Choy and the former Council were able to accomplish several key initiatives, something Choy is very proud of doing. Among some of the key initiatives, Choy points to the Heritage Park Phase III completion which is already seeing a tremendous amount of use by all of the Tri-Region. He also references the "Don't Trash It Campaign" something Choy see's as very important as he states, "everyone's aware that the landfills are getting full and there's a lot less land out there and as we grow as a population we need to be cognizant of what we are sending out to landfills".

A major milestone for the town in Choy's eyes is the progression on the downtown redevelopment as the first phase has been completed. He explains further, "We have done all the back alleys, this summer, so we're looking forward to phase II, III and IV in the coming years, and that's just a chance to revitalize and redevelop our downtown to make sure it's more economically viable for our businesses downtown, and just making sure we're able to maintain that Main Street in our community".

One of the highlights for the Mayor, was the election and being given a chance to serve another term at the helm of the town. He says, "It's good to see the stuff we have done in the last few years did resonate with the residents" he also looks ahead saying the new Council is a great team. Mayor Choy also focuses his sights on the first strategic planning in 2018. He adds, "cash is limited and we definitely need to work with Parkland County and the City of Spruce Grove to ensure we serve the needs of our residents".

Looking ahead to the new year one major item stands out for Choy in the development of a recreation centre. The town recently received some grant funding relating to the development of a multi-sport centre so they plan to do the full study for how they can proceed without going into debt according to Mayor Choy. He still stands as a strong advocate for the next recreation facility to be in Stony Plain as Choy explains, "Our Council will definitely be at the table hammering that point through that it needs to be built in Stony Plain and with the help of the other two partners".

Another focus for the Mayor in the new year will be trying to solve issues with developers while continuing to put focus on redevelopment in the town. "Without builders building in our community and developers developing our land we aren't going to grow very much, which hampers our ability to maintain and keep the service that we do have" Choy explains.

In closing, the general lookout for Mayor William Choy and the Council appears in three issues. He explains the recreation facility, the WestView Health Centre and seniors housing will all be issues Council will look to address in the new year in an effort to accommodate the rapid growth of the once small town.


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