Stony Plain Mayor Seeks Re-Election

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Mayor William Choy is looking to extend his time on Stony Plain Council as he announces he's running for re-election.

The town of Stony Plain Mayor William Choy is officially launching his re-election campaign for the upcoming municipal election.

Choy has been a lifelong resident of Stony Plain graduating from Memorial Composite High and now being a third generation own/operator of a local restaurant. Choy has always been an active member in the community being involved in several organizations and committees.

Choy has been involved in the Stony Plain Council since 2007 but became Mayor in October of 2013. Since his time in Council there have been many successful accomplishments for the town of Stony Plain, but Choy believes the work isn't done yet. In a one-on-one interview with One News he spoke as to why he was running for a re-election. "There's always lots to do in the town of Stony Plain" Choy says, "I'd like to continue to give back and provide some leadership in the communities."

Choys list of accomplishments in his last term as mayor is no small list either, as he feels he and Council were able to help Stony Plain grow and develop. Mayor Choy cites some of the primary accomplishments from Council such as the cemetery, various downtown upgrades and the completion of the third phase of Heritage Park. 

Choy isn't prepared to stop with his list of accomplishments either, heading into his re-election campaign he has another list of goals he hopes to accomplish if brought on for another term.

Firstly, Choy hopes to bring a new recreational facility to the town of Stony Plain as he has seen first hand the great need for a new facility in the tri-region. He goes on to say "based on the updated indoor recreational facility study it says we are in dire need of it, and that's our focus". Building the facility will come as no small task but Mayor Choy plans to pursue a regional approach if re-elected as he says "something that's going to be suited within the municipality that's going to address all the needs of the communities not just one or two, I think our communities have grown enough that we need to not focus on just one or two aspects of recreation."

Additionally, Choy wants to lobby the government for an expansion to the WestView Health Centre saying "it was built back in 2000 and since then our population around the area has almost tripled and the health centre has stayed the same size". Choy also plans to be an advocate for seniors housing by working with the provincial government for more grant funding for seniors.

Also, Mayor Choy wants to continue updates to the downtown core of Stony Plain in an effort to entice more people to come and visit the town and get more immersed in the culture of Stony Plain. Choy notes "We've updated the downtown development plan and we're going to to ahead with that and make sure the community is nice and walkable and everyone is welcome and we can go ahead and do business".

Choy assures citizens and voters if he were to be re-elected he hopes he can continue to make Stony Plain stand out in the capital region.

To hear the full unedited interview with Mayor William Choy click the player below.




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