Stony Plain man returns from United We Roll rally in Ottawa

Jerry Fetting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Jerry Fetting joined hundreds of people involved in the movement.

As the United We Roll convoy heads back from Ottawa, a Stony Plain participant says he’s happy with the support the cause received across Canada.  

“As they went further east, I thought it wouldn’t be as big as it is here. Obviously Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are hurting the worst – I didn’t think Ontario would really be following the program as closely as they were – but it just got bigger as they headed east,” said Jerry Fetting.

United We Roll saw 160 semis leave Red Deer last Thursday with the goal of reaching Parliament Hill to voice their concerns regarding the Federal government's policies on oil and gas production and distribution. Fetting flew out last Friday and returned on Thursday.  Although he did not partake in the cross-country drive, he says he was told stories of Canadians offering the convoy fuel, meals, money, and even a fireworks display to show their support.

Fetting felt he had a role to play in spreading the group’s message across Canada.

“I don’t think people realize how much of an affect this Liberal government is having on Alberta. We haven’t hit rock bottom yet [and] if these bills [C-69 and C-48] go through, Alberta has seen nothing yet as far as a recession,” he said.

He says despite their issue not being fully addressed, he believes awareness for western-Canadian issues was improved.

“As far as getting our voice across to the Liberal government, I don’t think that got anywhere. I don’t think Justin [Trudeau] even knew we were outside. It was more about awareness for eastern Canada [to let them know] how much help we need out here,” he said.

Opposing groups have questioned the movement, calling it an anti-immigration, extreme-right wing organization. Fetting says while some members may represent that viewpoint, that’s not what the cause and its organizers are about.

Fetting owns the local JW All Seasons Bobcat & Trucking company. 

He and organizer, Glen Carrit, want to thank:

  • Haley Wile
  • Kevin Peters from Fort Mac (convoy road manager)

Photo Source: JW All Seasons Facebook

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