Stony Plain looking to grow arts and culture through poetry

Poet Laureate Lisa Mulrooney

Lisa Mulrooney is the town's first-ever Poet Laureate.

A local poet will promote Stony Plain arts and culture through a new role within the town.

Lisa Mulrooney is hoping to give people in the community an artistic voice as the town’s first-ever Poet Laureate. 

"Poetry is just another way for people to share their stories, to create a sense of identity, and let people know who we are and who we want to be," said Mulrooney.

Angela Fetch Muzyka of Stony Plain’s Culture and Tourism says the town was inspired to create this role when Edmonton’s Poet Laureate shared her stories with Muzyka and her colleagues in 2018. 

Muzyka says Mulrooney's position will see her promoting poetry and language arts in the community through her writing and public appearances. 

The candidate was chosen based off of their submitted poem, community involvement, what they’d do in the role, and letters of support by peers. Muzkya says Mulrooney was chosen partly for her involvement with the local Parkland Poets’ Society, Edmonton’s Stroll of Poets Society, and the Writer’s Guild of Alberta. 

Mulrooney co-founded the local poetry group in 2018 and says she's seen a lot of interest in the medium throughout the tri-region. She says the creation of this role is a big step for the Town of Stony Plain. 

"It shows the town council's commitment to elevate the arts, that arts and culture as so, so important to Stony Plain. That for me, is what makes this role so very important," said Mulrooney. 

The poet found her love for poetry growing up in Redditch, England, but says she has only recently shared her work. She suspects there are lots of closeted poets in the area, and this will be a great opportunity to bring more out. 

Mulrooney will address town council on March 4 for the first time. 

"It's her opportunity to talk about Stony Plain and life and times here. This'll be her first chance to address it and set the tone for what her term as Poet Laureate will be like," said Muzyka. 

The poet says she will prepare an original poem for the occasion. 

Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, and St. Albert are the only other communities in Alberta that have a Poet Laureate. 

Photo Source: Lisa Mulrooney's Website


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