Stony Plain looking for families to host exchange students from Shikaoi, Japan

High school students visit Oct. 4-15.

The Town of Stony Plain is looking for local families who are interested in hosting students as part of its exchange program with its twin community in Japan.

The exchange would see high school students arrive from Shikaoi, Japan, and stay from Oct. 4-15. 

The Town says it’s expecting about 60 visitors who will experience Canadian Thanksgiving, attend classes at Memorial Composite High School, and travel to Jasper for a scheduled trip.

The Town adds that each participating family will have two students stay in their home, giving hosts a chance to experience Japanese culture and food.

Hosts do not need to speak any Japanese, and the Town will offer support to the families and plan activities for the visiting students.

Stony Plain and Shikaoi twinned in 1985, while the exchange began in 1987.

Find more information here. 

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