Stony Plain food truck couple back from the "bubble"

Courtesy: Brianne Roberge.

Charles and Brianne Roberge spent two months in the NHL's playoff "bubble" in Edmonton.

A Stony Plain food truck couple has returned from a two-month stint in the NHL "bubble" with stories to tell.

Charles and Brianne Roberge run "Guilt Free Eats" that served up gluten-free and plant-based entrees and snacks to almost all of the teams and their superstars in Edmonton. 

"It was awesome," says Charles. "With a food truck, you only work maybe 3 days a week so once the bubble came along, all of a sudden we were booked up. It was also a great experience for our three other staff members to collect more money before they went back to school." 

The couple says they worked nearly 100 days combined in the bubble, a rare occurrence for someone who has just started out with a new food truck. 

"Just being on-site, people don't realize we have to get groceries before and afterward, and there are certain places we have to go to get certain items, then travel time to and from."   

Meeting their favorite players was also a highlight. The couple served everyone from Oilers enforcer Zack Kassian, fan-favorite Ethan Bear, and Canucks defenceman and fellow vegan Jay Beagle.

The experience also helped their business continue to next year. When they started Guilt Free Eats early this spring, the pandemic brought their dreams of running a food truck to a halt.

"We were definitely struggling at the beginning of the pandemic,' says Brianne. "But thanks to the bubble, it literally put us into a different financial space and we can continue next year."   

The team was originally supposed to work till the 19th of this month, but their extension was changed and the NHL allowed them to leave and head back home for some much needed R&R.

The couple returned last Sunday for a few days off, but due to popular demand have hit the road yet again and will stop by many popular farmers' markets in Edmonton this week.   

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