Stony Plain Finishes Budget Discussions

Stony Plain Town Council finished their review of the 2018-2020 Corporate Plan

Two days was all it took for Stony Plain Town Council to settle on their 2018-2020 Corporate Plan.

Over the course of the two days Council went through the various initiatives and service changes presented by Administration within the plan and ultimately approved almost all of the recommendations.

The initial tax rate increase was set to be 4.88%, but administration believed a hiring freeze in 2018 was necessary to lower the rate to 2.15%. This change would see tax payers paying approximately $1.02 more per month to a household with an assessment of $100,000 or equaling to $12.29 annually.

The rate was also applied to utilities going up which results in an increase of $106.80 on 20 cubic metres of useage annually. There is no expected increase to waste management in the Corporate Plan. Overall, this would lead to an an increase of $119.09 per $100,000 assessment and 20 cubic metres of useage.

As Council discussed the plan two positions were brought out of the hiring freeze. The first motion was proposed by Councillor Judy Bennett who believed the Two Year Planning Intern position was too valuable at such a low cost. The position added $96,126 to the budget for a 24 month period and the intern will assist the planning department in business lines. This decision was passed unanimously.

The second position was a Municipal RCMP Clerk who would relieve some of the administrative duties off of the RCMP Officers allowing them more time out in the field. This motion was proposed by Councillor Justin Laurie and added $66,472.50 to the budget.

Council also recommended adding two speed detecting cameras on Veteran's Boulevard as they believe the newly built road will be an attractant for excessive speeding.

By the end of it all, Council settled on a tax increase of 2.74% to the 2018 year, and they were fairly pleased with the low tax rate overall.

Council will formally vote on the updated 2018-2020 Corporate Plan on November 27th.


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