Stony Plain FD back out in school zones

First week of school brings reminders to drivers to slow down

Teachers, students, and parents will see some familiar faces in local school zones on the road this week.

Firefighters, police, and bylaw officers will be out patrolling to remind everyone to slow down and get to school safely.

Stony Plain Fire Chief Trevor Mistal says it's worked well in the past.

"Every morning in the first week of school, Stony Plain (Bylaw) Enforcement, Stony Plain Fire, and the RCMP have been working together to have personnel and equipment in the school zones to remind people to slow down," he said.

"It's been really good, The parents are very happy that we're there, the kids are happy we're there, and I think the drivers get a visual reminder when they see a flashing light, to go oh - school's back in session."

Mistal says getting back to school is an adjustment for everyone.

"Kids have had the summer off, they're thinking about getting back to their friends, and back to school. Sometimes crosswalk safety and school zone safety is not on the top of their mind, so we feel this program has been very beneficial to our community," he said.

"This year we've got the added obstacle of the construction around our community, so we're asking for patience, we're asking for parents to slow it down and get there in one piece."

The School District has said the construction will cause its heaviest delays in the commute to John Paul II in Stony Plain, and Millgrove in Spruce Grove.

Mistal says the initiative puts many firefighters in the same places they would be, even if they weren't working that day.

"It's near and dear to our heart, because most of our members on the department - we all have kids. We don't want anything to happen to our kids, and we don't want to have to go something with somebody else's. So this is time out of our day that we're definitely very willing to give up to help our community."

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