Stony Plain Family Man Wants to Bring Unity To Council

Blair McGeough wants to promote a strong sense of unity and communication in Stony Plain Town Council.

A former resident has returned to his hometown and is now running for a seat on Stony Plains Town Council.

Blair McGeough is one of several candidates running in his first election this fall. McGeough grew up in Stony Plain and after his baseball career led him to various colleges in the United States, he has settled back in and is now raising a family of his own. In raising his family here, McGeough has decided to become more involved in his community, and he feels the best way to support the town is through a seat on council.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, McGeough addresses his intent to help promote a strongly unified council if he were elected. He notes it becomes hard for just one person to affect change, but have an entire council work together toward one common goal ensures problems can get taken care of. He adds, "If we have a united front, and we have six people and a mayor that's all on the same page, doing what's best for the taxpayers of this town I think there's a real opportuntity to advance this town and maybe gain some of the confidence that has been lost over the years".

Previously working in the Public Works department for the town, McGeough has seen a demographic shift from older communities to younger families, and he believes in addition to supporting the elderly, Stony Plain also needs to act in ways that create services for these families. McGeough states, "We need to have more focus on young families and what's going on in this community for young families, for kids for athletics, for playgrounds, for everything".

Always having a focus on recreation, McGeough is in favour of trying to construct a indoor recreational facility to make more space for children to be physically active. He notes, the facilities he has used as a kid are still being used today with little work or expansion being made despite population growth. McGeough says, "We're playing catch up now with a population of over 17,000 people here so, I'm all for athletic facilities and I think it's good for the youth, I pursue kids to push and push sports, so if we could do something and add some more amenities I would be all for that".

In terms of communication, McGeough stresses the importance of involvement in the community. He believes if council is more active in attending various events around the community this will lead to stronger relationships being formed and will lead to more trust between government and residents. He notes, "Communication, face-to-face relationship building is the best way to go about it, so we can put stuff on Twitter and we can put stuff on social media, but when you put a face and a name to a handshake it's a big deal I think".

In closing, McGeough states, "I think we have to do a better job of keeping our business locally here, and using the resources we have her and become a viable community and again work together".

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Town Council Candidate Blair McGeough, click the player below.



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