Stony Plain family affected by Lyme disease asking for support

Billey Family

A link to the Billey family's GoFundMe page is included in the story.

A Stony Plain mom has started a GoFundMe page looking for support for her daughter and herself, who live with Lyme disease.

Rebecca Billey says her eight-year-old daughter, Paighten has lost her smile since she became incredibly sick in October of last year. Rebecca believes she unknowingly gave it to her daughter during pregnancy.

 Now the girl has nine different parasites, spinal fluid pooling in her brain, white blood cells pooling in her eyes, brain damage, and a tumor in her skull, just to name a few symptoms.

“I have an eight-year-old that is not happy anymore, that isn’t excited to be living,” she said. 

Paighten was taken to doctor-after-doctor, with symptoms pointing towards Lyme disease. Billey says Canada’s doctors are hesitant to even test for the disease, and she feels frustrated that patients aren’t being listened-to and trusted.

“[Dealing with doctors] I honestly felt like I was a liar. I was like ‘am I overreacting’, ‘am I being that mom’, ‘am I being that person that’s freaking-out just because their child is sick’,” she said.

On Tuesday, the family will be travelling to Richmond, BC for treatment. But Billey says it’s not necessarily a positive thing.

“There’s tests, antibiotics, and medication; and then it gets worse. Every Lymes disease patient will tell you, you’ll wish you were dead, rather than taking the medication,” she said.

She says it’s common for Canadians with the disease to have to travel to the United States and Europe for treatment. This has garnered it the name of “the million dollar disease”.  

Support the GoFundMe page here. 


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