Stony Plain encouraging people to switch to electronic utility billing

The Town of Stony will use a social media campaign to encourage residents to ditch paper billing.

Stony Plain council is starting a social media campaign that will encourage residents to switch to electronic utility billing.

Stony Plain Mayor William Choy says ditching paper billing would not only save 70 thousand dollars per year, but would also decrease the town’s environmental footprint.

He says the intent of the social media marketing is to get more people to shift over to e-billing, as less than 30 percent of users are currently signed-up for the service. 

The mayor says communities like St. Albert have already made the change, and it's a sign of the times. 

“All the banks [and] large corporations have changed their service level to provide e-billing, and if you don’t want to do e-billing, it’s an additional cost for you to get paper billing. That’s just the changing of the times,” he said.

The mayor says they’re considering charging $1.06 per month to people who don’t make the switch from paper bills. He says council will look at the results from the campaign in August and re-open discussions on the topic then. 


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