Stony Plain Councillor Seeks Sixth Term

Longtime Councillor Pat Hansard looks for re-election.

 Pat Hansard is no stranger to the proceedings of the Town of Stony Plain Council. Currently serving in her fifth term on council Hansard has recently announced her plan to run for a sixth term.

Hansard has experience not only on council but working on various boards and committees throughout the town including the Economic Growth and Commerce Committe.

Although the list of accomplishments from her time on council is a long one she decided to focus on the last term in particular. The construction and finalization of the Heritage Event Centre is an accomplishment Hansard is very proud to have been completed in her time on council. In an exclusive one-on-one sit down with One News she said, "We pulled the plan for the Heritage Event Centre off the shelf it had sat there for maybe about four years, and this council decided to take it off the self and build" she would go on, "I would say it's one of the jewels in this Tri-Region".

Now looking ahead Hansard believes there is still more work to be done as she has always been a believer in steady growth. Should she be re-elected Hansard plans to lobby the provincial government to finish road work on Highways 779 and 628 after the town worked diligently to prepare for the upgrades. She states, "the effect is we have had goat trails on 779 and 628 because the province says upgrade, we do upgrade our underground infrastructure, and then they don't carry through".

Having been a Councillor in a part of the Tri-Region for 16 years Hansard realizes the importance of regional cooperation from the three municipalities. "Just like in a marriage we're going to make this work" Hansard says, "they won't always get what they want, we won't always get what we want, but we will do it for the good of all of our residents".

In respect to growth Hansard believes the focus needs to be on commercial and industrial sectors as she says the tax dollars from those sectors offset the tax dollars for residents. In regards to focusing on bringing those businesses in in order to reduce residential taxation Hansard believes in a more offensive approach. She goes on to add "I think we need to be more aggressive as a town in promoting that we have land for sale".

In closing remarks, Hansard believes her slogan for her campaign reflects the history of the town. "We breathe culture." she says "and that is so evident in the festivities and festivals that we have". Hansard says that even after her long time on the Stony Plain Council, she is incredibly excited and wants to be a part of the towns future.

To hear the full unedited interview with Councillor Pat Hansard, click the player below.

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