Stony Plain Councillor Seeks Re-Election

Russ Graff is looking for a second term as a Councillor this fall.

Stony Plain Councillor Russ Graff has announced his intentions to run for another term on Town Council.

Graff has lived in Stony Plain for over 20 years, having raised his family here, they’ve also settled here now as Graff has grandchildren in the Town. Graff has experience in farming, meat packing, and heating services before serving as a pastor at the Hope Christian Reformed Church and now the Trinity CRC in Edmonton.

As Graff wraps up his first term on council he says he’s learnt a lot.

“I think the first term is a lot of learning, and I’d like to make some of that learning the town has invested in pay off for the town in the next term. I think I have a lot more insight and understanding of how things work and what can be done, can’t be done, should be done and isn’t being done and so forth. So I’d like to try and make a contribution in the next term to the good of the community.”

Graff sits on several boards in the Town including the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission which just announced the twinning of 4 kilometers of waterline from the Epcor Utilities supply point in Edmonton to the Acheson Industrial Park. Graff says projects like this one are important and regionalism is key for the growth Stony Plain is expecting.

“We really are one region and we have good co-operation and we want to keep pursuing that because there are a lot of things that we do better when we do them together, such as our water services, our sewers, fire services, policing services.”

Graff says he wants to continue to see this community be a good one to raise a family and he looks forward to continuing to work to make this community a good place for everybody of all ages.

The full, unedited interview between One News and Councillor Russ Graff can be played by clicking the player below.  Issues discussed include Automated Traffic Enforcement, growth, regionalism, his thoughts on the proposed concepts for a new sports facility in Stony Plain. 


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