Stony Plain Councillor Looks for Fourth Term

Courtesy: Town Of Stony Plain Website

Councillor of the Town of Stony Plain Judy Bennett has announced she is running for re-election in the fall.

The list of candidates for the upcoming municipal election in Stony Plain continues to grow, but one name on that list is very familiar.

Councillor Judy Bennett, a retired teacher and longtime resident of Stony Plain is looking for her fourth term on council. She says it's her love of the town and her passion to help Stony Plain grow that makes her want to stay on council. She also believes her unique voice and perspective stands strong on council.

In a one-on-one interview with Councillor Bennett she also addressed that her prior experience on council not only helps her address issues, but she can also serve a s a support for any potentially new councillors. She goes on to say "Anytime we have new people come to council they need a leader, they need someone who can help them avoid the pitfalls, and to encourage them to make the right kind of decisions."

Bennett goes on to say that although they have accomplished quite a bit in the past four years, there is still ideas churning in her head that she would like to pursue if re-elected. 

One major pursuit Bennett would like to explore is the recreational plan and the possibility of an indoor recreational facility in the town of Stony Plain. Having seen the recreational plan Bennett was reassured Stony Plain is desperate for a new facility as the Tri-Leisure Centre is becoming a longer and longer drive for residents. She states the people of the town deserve something closer as she goes on to say "How far will it take you to be able to have fitness equipment, to walk on a track, to have a new swimming pool, all of those kinds of things. That's why we need to work on it together."

Bennett also sees a need for recreation outside of a facility as she believes the south side of Stony Plain is an ideal place to enhance ball parks in addition to possibly building a rugby field as well as twinning the Glenn Hall Arena.

In regards to the coal phaseout Bennett sees the effect it will have on families in the area. It is an issue she has been following closely through the provincial government as well as locally. Bennett goes on to say she would like to see support systems for families that are going to be losing their jobs due to the coal phaseout, in addition to education systems to help workers find other jobs related to their field as well.

Having been not only a longtime member of council but also a longtime resident of the town, Bennett recognizes Stony Plain along with the rest of the Tri-Region is expanding. She see's the future of Stony Plain expanding to the west, but she believes that the town needs to focus on building from the inner parts of the town and then expanding out west. She adds "When we start to move it has to be a systematic and planned development that enhances all our neighbourhoods and our downtown and does not take away farmland and peoples ability to be able to live where they want to live."

In closing remarks Bennett believes in continuing the growth of Stony Plain and she believes this is done through connection in the community and she hopes she can continue to support that growth.

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Councillor Judy Bennett click the player below



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