Stony Plain council reviews policies regarding Willow Park Natural Area's care

At Monday’s meeting, council brought itself up-to-speed on the strategies it has regarding the area’s maintenance and preservation.

On Monday, Stony Plain council reviewed its policies on maintaining and preserving Willow Park Natural Area.

The policies for the area were established in 2010 with the intent to define it as a naturalized green space that accommodates native plants and animals, as well as walking trails and the existing municipal utilities. Mayor William Choy says this is a new council from when the policies were implemented, so it was important for staff to become better acquainted with the purpose of the area.

Choy says there’s been some local debate over the site’s care.

“Some people like it perfectly manicured, others want it to be a natural area and have the animals in there. It’s a balancing act [for council] to make sure both sides are equally heard…we’ll try to make a plan where everyone who lives in the area is kind've equally happy and equally not,” he said.

Part of Monday’s agenda featured recommendations from a resident for the site moving-forward. Sister Susan Scott is calling for the clear-cutting of weeds to be replaced by a weed spraying before birds begin to nest. She’s also requesting grass to be left untouched within 2-3 metres of bodies of water, as well as the town to further engage the public in preserving natural areas.

Choy says this is part of a bigger discussion on how the town will deal with its environmental footprint moving forward.

Photo Source: Outgress

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