Stony Plain Council Candidate Looks Towards the Future

Courtesy: Calvin Hennig Campaign

Calvin Hennig is running in his first election for the Stony Plain Town Council.

Another fresh face will appear on the ballot come October 16th.

Calvin Hennig has entered the race for a Stony Plain Town Council seat and he believes his time living in the town and his business oriented background will be an asset on council. Hennig has lived in the Tri-Region almost his entire life, and it's where he has raised his family. He expresses his passion for the community as he believes he may never leave the town.

Hennig see's living in the community for so long as being a big asset in his campaign as he understands what residents want, and he see's where the town is expanding. He adds, "Being part of the community for such a long time, you see how it's run and you want to see how you can improve on that, and you kind of get a gist of how people think out here".

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Hennig explains his decision came to run as he has seen various issues come up and he feels residents aren't being heard. "Social issues, fire fighters, policing safety a lot of those things need to be looked at" Hennig explains.

With his business experience, Hennig puts a focus on attracting and growing business in the community. He makes reference to to the industrial park, and adds it is not being utilized to it's fullest potential. He explains one of his key objectives with One News, "Trying to draw somebody out from Acheson, like a big anchor business that we could put into that industrial park, and if you put a big anchor business out there you could bring in more residences, therefore your tax base is going to increase, the business being out there will also increase your tax revenue".

Continuing with attracting business, Hennig adds in regards to marketing the town, "We need to market it better to attract business out here we need to sell it".

In talking with residents, Hennig has noticed some issues as well, primarily in traffic safety and fire services. Speaking to traffic safety Hennig explains, "Whether it be speeding, photo radar, traffic lights at main intersections, left turning advance things of that nature, people are concerned about traffic safety". He also addresses problems with the fire department noting, due to the vast majority of land they have to cover, one full time worker is not enough and they need more assistance or else response times will be affected.

In terms of the rapid expansion, Hennig believes the town needs to look even further ahead. He notes, "We need to look not at the next 5 years but the next 25 years because we have to put in the proper infrastructure that is going to handle that, we need to start looking at how we plan to develop our town, where we're going to go to develop our town".

Hennig also speaks to the indoor recreational facility, as after volunteering his time as a coach in  various sports, believes children need more space to enjoy recreational facilities. He adds, "We need that facility in Stony, because the Tri-Leisure is at 95% capacity and it just can't sustain it anymore, and again as we grow we need to have those facilities available for people to play". Hennig also adds that a facility needs to be built on the west end of town to be more accommodating to the people of Parkland County, and a east end development would have it too close to the Tri-Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove. 

In closing, Hennig stresses the importance of voter turnout. He states, "This is a crucial election for a lot of reasons, and we need more than 20% turnout to determine who is going to run our town for the next four years, so despite who people vote for I just encourage people to get out and vote",

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Town Council Candidate Calvin Hennig, click the player below.


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