Stony Plain Council Candidate Hopes to Provide a Fresh Face

Daniel White is running in his first election in the upcoming Stony Plain Town Council municipal election.

One of the newer faces on the list of candidates hopes he can bring a fresh face to Stony Plain Town Council.

Daniel White has lived in Stony Plain for the past 15 years after moving from the U.K. He and his wife who has lived in the town her entire life are now building a family of their own and White couldn't be happier to raise a family in Stony Plain.

In a one-on-one interview with One News White expressed he felt the need to run in this election due to the shift of demographics in the town. White states, "In my 15 years living here I've seen a demographic shift from a small rural town to a young working family demographic". He goes on to add although he think Council has done tremendous work over the years he would like to see younger families get more representation. "Certainly in this election cycle there was a personal opportunity to fill a gap" White adds, " and really be a voice for the residents that I am one of".

White also brings a certain level of experience to working in and around government, which he believes is an asset in running for Council. White works in a delegative administrative organization as a Director handling environment and parks for the the provincial government. This position gives him insight into creating and amending bylaws. White speaks on this experience, "Not only is it an opportunity for me to bring a young working family side, but also some tools that allow me to provide Council with some assistance". 

If elected, White would like to place focus on developmental infrastructure. Noting the expansion across not only Stony Plain but the Tri-Region as well White says the biggest problem going forward is space. He believes the solution going forward is to bring in a more regional approach across the three municipalities. He states, "When we look at the future and potential growth of population in this area, I think there's a big oppourtunity to continue that collaboration and actually get that development in a sustainable way, but I think it's going to take the three parties in the whole region to get to a point where development can be sustainable".

White also hopes to look into more effective enforcement in the area as he sees an imbalance in safety. He believes there is too much focus on automated traffic enforcement and not enough focus on neighbourhood safety. White see the most effective way to handle this issue is to find an appropriate balance between the two as he says, "when you're trying to sell photo radar from a safety point of view and then you have enforcement not really happening at the other end, the communication needs to be better and I think we need to have a frank discussion at Council as to what we can do".

In regards to the coal phaseout, White recognizes the communities that will be affected. He goes on to add if elected he would like to communicate with provincial government more to provide help to the people of Stony Plain that will be affected by the phaseout.

In closing, White urged people to get out to the polls and make their vote count in order to make their voice and their issues heard.

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Council Candidate Daniel White, click the player below.


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