Stony Plain Council adopted a new water and sewer billing structure

The new plan will come into effect in the new year

People in Stony Plain can expect to see a new Water and Sewer Billing rate.

As of right now, the Town bills a fixed rate and a variable rate for water and sewer utilities, the fixed rate covers all costs associated with running the utility including staff, equipment maintenance and insurance costs.. As of 2018 the monthly fixed fee for water is $16.10 while sewer is sitting at $14.60.

Administration completed an analysis of the current billing structure compared to one variable rate, the results show there would be no extra town revenue.

Furthermore nearly 80% of Stony Plain users who consume 20 cubic meters of water or less each month will either see no change or a decrease on their bill.

The switch in billing will be joined by a public awareness communications campaign to educate residents and businesses about the effects of a switch, the new rates will take into effect in the new year.

The current billing system has been in effect since 2005.


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