Stony Plain Brings Back Toys for Tickets

Stony Plain is now allowing people to pay for their parking tickets with toys.

Toys for Tickets is once again returning to the Town of Stony Plain.

The towns Enforcement Services is giving residents a chance to pay for their parking tickets with toys once again. All toys are being donated to the Stony Plain Kinsmen Club's Christmas Hampers.

Enforcement Services Supervisor Tiffany Anderson explains the specifics of which ticket actually qualifies for the Toys for Tickets saying, "It's a ticket issued on any one of our Stony Plain Bylaw Tags, so not all tickets apply. If someone is parked in an Emergency Access Route, a Handicapped stall, if it's a Commercial Vehicle fine, or a Dangerous Goods violation they will not be eligible, but it does not apply to photo radar tickets or speeding tickets or anything like that".

There are also specific requirements for what kind of toys can be donated, Anderson explains, "the toys must be new and in the original packaging, they have to be suitable for children up to the age of 16, they have to be equal to or exceed a $25 value, when they are coming into the town office to pay for their ticket with the toy they have to bring a receipt with them to validate that it is new. We are also accepting new gift cards of $25 or greater as well".

Anderson also adds the idea originally came from a coworker after he had seen it in another community, and she believed it was a great idea to bring to the town.

Anderson also wanted to bring the event back after seeing incredibly positive results last year as she says, "Our officers didn't even have to issue very many tickets, a lot of residents just came in and donated on their own accord which was wonderful for us to see and we're really hoping to get the same reaction this year".

The program runs from October 30th to December 8th.


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