Stony Plain bans public pot consumption

New bylaw goes into effect Oct. 17

The Town of Stony Plain has some new rules when it comes to the upcoming legalization of marijuana.

Monday night, council passed restrictions that will ban people from smoking, vaping, or otherwise consuming pot in any public place.

The bylaw includes the restriction of marijuana edibles, even though those aren't expected to be legalized until 2019.

Cannabis plants are also being restricted inside private homes, unless they're kept in a yard that's secured by a fence.

Town staff say these zero public consumption regulations are in line with many other municipalities across the province.

When it comes to driving, the bylaw says the pot must be inside a sealed package, and not within reach for anyone inside the vehicle.

Provincial regulations already dictate that pot can't be smoked in hospitals, schools, and vehicles.

The fine for breaking any of these rules is $287, unless you've got a medicinal cannabis license.

The bylaw takes effect October 17th - the day recreational consumption is legalized across the country.

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