Stony Plain assessing potential drainage issues through new report

On Monday, council reviewed a third-party report of its current Stormwater Management system.

Stony Plain council is looking to take a proactive approach towards solving drainage issues within the community.

On Monday, council took a deeper look at a third-party analysis of improvements that should be made to prevent potential flooding.

The report identifies seven areas within Stony Plain that are at risk for drainage deficiencies and notes how they could be addressed.

Areas at risk of drainage deficiencies:

  1. Boulder Blvd. and Granite Dr. 
  2. Egerland Pl. and 47 St.
  3. 44 Ave. between St. Andrews St. and St. Andrews Dr. 
  4. 40 Ave. east of 50 St. 
  5. 41 Ave. and 43 St. 
  6. 46 St. between 54 Ave. and 55 Ave.
  7. Golf Course Rd. and Crystal Dr. 

Improvement concept plans for the areas:

  1. Improve ditch through private property
  2. Reduce runoff tributary through roadway regrading
  3. Develop dry pond storage
  4. Develop dry pond storage
  5. Improve surface drainage towards Whispering Waters Creek
  6. Regrade intersection
  7. Upgrade culvert. Identify downstream creek upgrade scope

Council aims to use this assessment to develop a long-term strategy and to support its infill housing policy.

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