Stony Plain Asks the Community to 'Pitch-In'

The Town of Stony Plain's annual Pitch-In Week is back for another year.

Stony Plain is calling on their residents to help clean up the community and make the town more environmentally friendly.

Pitch-In week brings together the community members, schools and organizations in the town to try and make everyone more aware of littering problems in the town.

Ashlee Morrow, Coordinator for Pitch-In Week says, "If we come together as a community to reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose of waste, we will help lessen Stony Plain's environmental footprint". The event is also part of many which fall under the towns "Don't Just Trash It!" environmental campaign.

Residents are encouraged to register by March 23rd in order to receive an official certificate from Pitch-In Canada and a variety of supplies. People who don't register by March 23rd can still contact Morrow to participate though.

The Pitch-In Week runs from April 22nd to the 29th.


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