Stony Plain Asks Residents to Paint a Bridge

The Town of Stony Plain invites community members to participate in a bridge painting project this spring.

The Town of Stony Plain is calling on residents, businesses and community clubs to help beautify some parts of the town.

The Town is calling on people to show community pride and help repaint some of the bridges in the Stony Plain area. Culture and Tourism Development Officer, Angela Fetch Muzyka says this project is a way to allow residents to give back to their community while also engaging in a team building opportunity.

The Town provided the paints and supplies for the volunteers while the participants decide what day they would like to paint.

This year, they will focus on the six bridges in Rotary Park. There are 16 bridges in the Town throughout the trail systems and parks.

More information on the Adopt Bridge campaign can be found on the Town of Stony Plain website.


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